Samsung foldable phones might shed their fragility against dust and water in 2021

Samsung foldable phones might shed their fragility against dust and water in 2021

Samsung is rumored to launch a bunch of new foldable smartphones later this year including the highly anticipated Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy Z Flip 5G successor, and an affordable ‘Galaxy Z Fold Lite’ as well. It goes without saying that Samsung has done an impressive job when it comes to the engineering behind its latest foldable phones, but there is still one area where they prove to be an expensive yet delicate investment – protection against dust and water.  Or in the lingo of smartphone spec nerds, the absence of an Ingress Protection (IPXX) rating. However, that might change with the next generation of Samsung’s foldable phones, as per a report from SamMobile.

“We hear whispers from people in the know that both new foldables – the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 2 will feature an IP rating. The exact rating is unknown at this point in time. It may not be similar to the IP68 rating of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, for example, but at least it represents a major improvement in the durability department.”

To recall, the pricey Galaxy Z Fold2 doesn’t come with an IP certification for protection against dust and water exposure. Instead, Samsung claims to use what it calls an ‘Anti-Erosion Waterproof Coating” on the device. The company hasn’t gone into details regarding how effective it is, but it is quite likely no match for the protection offered by an IP67-rated or IP68-rated device like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip2 might be IPXX-certified for dust and water resistance

Samsung’s foldables are powerful machines, and the form factor adds to their versatility. But one has to be extra careful while using them, especially when it comes to dust and water exposure. The hinge, in particular, is the region that allows dust particles to make their way inside the device and beneath the display. Remember the display fiasco that surrounded the first-gen Galaxy Fold, thanks in no part to an exposed hinge mechanism that caused particles to reach beneath the flexible panel and caused pixel damage?

If Samsung indeed managed to offer proper IP-certified dust and water resistance on its upcoming foldable phones, they might find more buyers who are otherwise dissuaded by the delicate nature of these expensive phones. Samsung has also reportedly been working to improve the Ultrathin Glass (UTG) technology to further enhance the durability of the screen on its next wave of foldable phones.

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