Facebook’s Clubhouse clone’s name is as original as the feature

Facebook’s Clubhouse clone’s name is as original as the feature

Facebook announced a wide range of audio products yesterday. It not only announced a TikTok-like audio rival Soundbites, and revealed its Podcast plans but also introduced its Clubhouse clone – Live Audio Rooms. Like the audio chat app, the Facebook experience will also include live audio rooms, where users can engage in topical discussions.

I think the areas where I’m most excited about it on Facebook are basically in the large number of communities and groups that exist. I think that you already have these communities that are organized around interests, and allowing people to come together and have rooms where they can talk is — I think it’d be a very useful thing,” said Zuckerberg, in a friendly interview with Platformer (via; Techcrunch).

Facebook will make its Live Audio Rooms feature available across both Facebook and Messenger. It will first test Live Audio Rooms in Groups, which will help it reach Groups’ 1.8 billion monthly users. The company will give access to its upcoming feature to public figures like American football quarterback Russell Wilson, Grammy-nominated electronic music artist TOKiMONSTA, artist and director Elle Moxley, and five-time Olympic medalist and entrepreneur Nastia Liukin. The feature will be rolled out to everyone on Facebook this summer. Plus, it will also be made available on Messenger.
Facebook will also be monetizing its Live Audio Rooms. It will allow the fans to support their favorite creators and public figures through Stars, or donate to causes they care about. The company will also offer other monetization models, like the ability to charge for access to a Live Audio Room through a single purchase or a subscription.
“By bringing the magic to new audio formats, we’re giving people a new way to say more of what they’ve always wanted to say, this whole time,” wrote the company in its blog post.

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