Telegram adds support for scheduling voice chats in channels

Telegram adds support for scheduling voice chats in channels

Just a few weeks ago, Telegram added support for voice chats in channels. As the name suggests, it allows a channel admin to host a live voice chat session, much like the audio chatroom feature on Clubhouse and the Spaces feature on Twitter. Now, the latest Telegram beta (v7.7) is further improving on the audio chatroom functionality by adding support for scheduling. 

The ability to schedule voice chats is now available with Telegram beta v7.7

Yes, an admin can now schedule a voice chat in channels. This works just like the message scheduling feature on Telegram. In case of voice chats, just open a channel, tap on the menu icon in the top-right corner, select Start voice chat, and then hit on the Schedule Voice Chat option that you see at the bottom. Once you tap on the scheduling option, you’ll see a scale on which you can schedule the voice chat.

Once a voice channel has been scheduled on Telegram, a countdown timer for it will appear in the form of a horizontal banner at the top of the channels screen. Last month, Twitter was also spotted testing a scheduling feature for Spaces that will allow hosts to send a  notification about the upcoming voice chat via a tweet that has an actionable Set Reminder button so that people who are interested can get notified when it starts.

Telegram has the most feature-rich version of live audio chats

With v7.7 beta of Telegram, users will also be able to change profile details such as name, bio, and avatar from the voice chat windows itself, without having to exit the ongoing conversation screen. However, Telegram’s take on the audio chatroom feature is a bit more fleshed out compared to rivals. For example, group and channel admins are also able to record the voice chat session and share the audio clip in the channel once the conversation is over. This can be quite useful for folks who somehow missed the conversation.

If you’re interested in trying out the new voice chat features, you can download Telegram (v7.7) beta from this page. However, we advice waiting a bit for the feature to arrive via a stable update.

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