Google Pixel 5a is the latest casualty of the global chip shortage

Google Pixel 5a is the latest casualty of the global chip shortage

The tech world is going through a crisis in terms of supply. There is shortage of supply, and the demand is high. This has led to delays in several products and cancelation of many of them. The worldwide chip shortage has put the automobile as well as consumer electronics industry under severe stress. The latest product to be affected by the supply issues is the Google Pixel 5a.

No Pixel ‘a’ this year

Tipster Jon Prosser took to Twitter to post about the latest update regarding the potential Google Pixel 5a. As per the tipster, the device has been canceled due to worldwide chip shortage. Hence, the development of Pixel 5a isn’t moving forward. Moreover, he goes on to say that Google will continue selling the Pxel 4A and 4A 5G throughout the year.

It was recently reported that Google would be using its in-house chip for the upcoming Pixel 5a that was recently leaked in all its glory. However, we could now see the execution of in-house silicon from Google on its Pixel 6.

Galaxy Note 21 was reportedly canceled due to the same reason

That said, the Pixel 5a is not the first device to be affected or have gotten canceled altogether due to the supply issues. Samsung is reportedly skipping its Galaxy Note21 due to the same reason. The South Korean tech giant has already confirmed that it has no plans of launching a Galaxy Note series smartphone this year. It was reported that this could be because of the “serious imbalance” in the supply and demand for semiconductors.

On the other hand, the another manufacturer to be hit by supply shortage is Apple. While the iPhone haven’t yet been affected, the the production of some MacBooks and iPads  has been delayed. Apple is now pushing back a part of its component orders for both products from the first half of this year to the second half.

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