Is this alleged HUAWEI P50 leak legit or not?

Is this alleged HUAWEI P50 leak legit or not?

HUAWEI P50 series is just around the corner. We have already gotten our alleged first look at the HUAWEI P50 Pro’s design. It revealed the device from the front and sides and a waterfall display. More renders of the device appeared online recently, which also leaked some of the specifications. It was followed by the leak of the HUAWEI P50, which also looks like the Pro variant. However, we have received some images of an alleged upcoming P series device, and these give us a look at a totally different rear panel. Here are four reasons why this leak might not be real.

Huawei P series leak back

First, there is no dual rear camera module at the back like the recently leaked images of the HUAWEI P50 series. While this could be a totally different P series device, a brand would likely stick to the same design language across the product lineup. Second, if you look closely, the camera module has a ring on the outside that blends with the edge, making it look untidy. Although, we could be looking at a very early stage prototype where finish and tolerances were not the focus.

Third, the “LEICA” spelling is wrong as it is spelled “LEACI.” However, the brands use different placeholders in the early prototype stages, and it could be to throw us off. Finally, the flash seems to have been tampered with. If you look carefully below the camera module, there is a translucent flash, which makes things fishy. But then again, it could just be that the phone is wrapped.

Huawei p series leak front

Coming to the front of the device, it houses a pill-shaped punch-hole cutout that could house two selfie shooters or a camera and a time of flight sensor. There is no word on the specifications, but a closer look determines that there is no earpiece. The last time HUAWEI went with this kind of design was the P40 Pro. It brought the earpiece back on the Mate 40 Pro. Unless the company is willing to go back in time, this is likely not an upcoming P series device.

However, if the images are real, they could be of the P50 Lite. Nonetheless, as always with leaks, we advise you to keep skeptical and digest this with a considerable amount of salt, at least until we hear official wording from HUAWEI. Tell us what do you think about the latest leaked images. Do you think these are legit? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

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