The next-gen Apple chip powering iPhone 13 enters production in May

The next-gen Apple chip powering iPhone 13 enters production in May

We’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about the iPhone 13 series lately, which includes upgraded camera hardware and a more fluid 120Hz panel to name a few. Now, a fresh report from DigiTimes (via Macrumors) claims that the next-gen chip powering the upcoming iPhone 13 series as well as iPads in the pipeline will enter production in May. Tentatively called the A15 Bionic, it will succeed the A14 Bionic that is at the heart of the iPhone 12 quartet.

“Apple has already booked the initial capacity of TSMC’s N4 for its new-generation Mac series, the sources indicated. Apple has also contracted TSMC to make its next-generation iPhone processor dubbed A15, built using the foundry’s N5 Plus or N5P process node, the sources said.
TSMC is expected to kick off production for Apple’s A15 Bionic chip that will power the upcoming iPhone 13 series by the end of May, the sources noted.”

As per the report, the Bionic A15 Bionic chip inside iPhone 13 series will be based on the 5nm process – specifically, the N5P or N5 Plus process and will be made by longtime Apple supplier TSMC. To recall, the A14 Bionic is also based on the 5nm process. However, at this point, it is unclear what improvements and the kind of performance gain the A15 Bionic will bring over its predecessor. And if Apple’s product strategy in the past few years is anything to go by, we might also see a slightly tweaked version with the name A15X or A15Z that will go inside the iPad lineup in the foreseeable future.

Apple has already booked TSMC to make 4nm-based silicon for upcoming Macs

And in case you’re wondering about Apple sticking to the same 5nm fabrication process for its chips in 2021 as well, there is some good news. The DigiTimes report adds that Apple has already roped in TSMC for making 4nm-based chips for its in-house M-series silicon that will power the upcoming Macs in 2022. For the remainder of 2021, Apple is rumored to launch updated MacBooks and even an iMac powered by what leaks are calling the M1X processor.

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