Instagram’s carousel view for Stories on desktop goes live

Instagram’s carousel view for Stories on desktop goes live

Instagram has been on an update streak. While it has been updating the design and overall look of the mobile app, the desktop version isn’t being ignored. The latter received support for DMs last year. Recently, it was reported that Instagram is testing a new interface to view its Stories on desktop. Now, the feature has allegedly gone live. When you get the update, the navigation will remain the same, but you will start seeing a new look for Stories that as of now, appear in a single tile.

As per The Verge, Instagram is updating its Stories feature on desktop so that it opens up to show a carousel of videos. It previews what’s cued up next and the content that just played. Here, viewers can click on whatever story they want to watch. This might be a minor change but it would be particularly beneficial for those who use Instagram on a desktop on a regular basis.

Up until now, browsing Stories from your desktop hasn’t been ideal. The Stories appear in a single tile that takes up the entire page. However, it is now changing. Instagram has started rolling out a new interface for Stories on a desktop. With the new look, Stories appear in a carousel rather than a single tile. The navigation remains the same – you can let the Stories play automatically or manually click through them. There is no option to swipe to the next person’s story.

That said, it is now easier to keep track of where you are in your Stories queue. You can now view the last few people’s stories and the next few in a queue, while a single story appears in front of you. The new interface of Instagram on the desktop makes it a cleaner user experience. We hope Instagram is also working on its iPad app.

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