Best Galaxy S21 Ultra clear cases in 2021: Flaunt your flagship in all its glory!

Best Galaxy S21 Ultra clear cases in 2021: Flaunt your flagship in all its glory!

So, you’ve decided to shell out north of $1,300 on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, or you’re on the verge of doing so? If the answer is yes, then your next purchase should be a protective case to protect your pricey new flagship. But won’t it hide the phone’s design, you might ask? Well, the best solution in that case (see what I did there) is a clear case that will not only display the phone’s design in all its expensive glory but will also protect it from nasty scuff marks and falls. And to spare you the hassle of searching places, we’ve compiled this handy list of the best Galaxy S21 Ultra clear cases:

    ESR Clear Case

    The lightest one

    I’ve used ESR’s clear cases for my Android phones in the past, and I can say that these are on the thinnest cases out there. It has raised edges to protect that gorgeous display and camera island, while the frame is shock-resistant as well for extra protection.
    ESR Metal Kickstand case

    A versatile option

    The ESR Metal kickstand case inherits all the properties of the vanilla ESR metal kickstand case. However, the biggest advantage here is the rotating kickstand that lets you use the phone in both landscape and portrait orientation.
    AINOYA Clear Case

    Grippy and sturdy

    If you are looking for an option that offers a stronger grip, the Ainoya clear case with its ridged rails is the perfect option. It also has padded corners to withstand drops from up to 6 feet and you also get an oleophobic coating at the back.
    Arae Clear Case

    Affordable Shielding

    If you’re worried about bumping the corners of your Galaxy S21 Ultra and need some extra assurance, the padded air cushion edges and anti-deforming hardened corners of the Arae Clear case will perfectly suit your needs.
    BAISRKE Case

    Clean and strong

    The BAISRKE Clear Case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has a scratch-resistant frame and is claimed to offer military-grade protection. The build is of sturdy high-quality TPU and polycarbonate, and there are raised bezels too.
    iDLike Clear Case

    Floral elements

    What if you want a clear case with a dash of personality to it? If your answer is yes, the iDLike clear case will let you choose between floral and animal skin patterns on the real panel that still leaves a large portion of the actual phone visible.
    SQM Ring Case

    Does it all

    The SQM ring clear case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra has a 360 degree gear rotating ring finger holder that not only offers a more assuring grip on the phone, but also doubles as a nifty kickstand and has a magnetic car mount as well.
    Temdan Slim Case

    The minimal choice

    If you are looking for a no-frills, no-fuss clear case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the Temdan Slim Case for Galaxy S21 Ultra is a great option. It has a scratch-resistant surface, shock-proof corners, and raised bezels on both sides to protect the cameras and display.
    Restoo Case

    Tailormade for it

    The Restoo Clear Case for Galaxy S21 Ultra features a uniformly thick surrounding frame to offer maximum protection against mechanical damage. Made out of hybrid soft TPU bumper and sturdy polycarbonate, it has raised lips too.

If I were to pick a clear case for my Galaxy S21 Ultra, I’d go with the SQM Ring Case. It not only looks clean and offers the necessary protection, thanks to padded corners and scratch-resistant surface, but also has a very neat ring at the back. It has a magnetic base for your car mount, while the ring also does the duty of a kickstand to assist with the video watching experience on the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s gorgeous AMOLED display. 

Another great option for folks who want a thin and light clear case that doesn’t add any bulk to the phone is the ESR Clear Case. It is extremely thin, scratch-resistant, and has cushioned corners to protect your Galaxy S21 Ultra while sticking to it like a second skin. I’ve used it for a couple of my Android phones, and am thoroughly impressed by the quality of ESR’s offering.

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